There is no health without mental health.

With positive stories of hope and strength our impact can enable communities to expand their understanding, lend help to those in need and to support without judgement or cause those around us.

People with mental illness can lead productive, fulfilling, normal lives with proper treatment and support.

How much do you know about Youth Mental Health?

Our Aim.

The YMH Project aims to infuse personal stories in to communities that have a lasting effect on everyone that hears them. As our kids grow we often work together on educational, sports and other related needs. When it comes to ages and stages we as parents compare and advise almost daily. Yet when it comes to emotional help we so often turn inward and hide.

Mental health + Physical health = Health.

Personal stories build understanding and empathy. They also make mental health conversations more powerful.

Be in the Know.

You do not have to have a child with mental illness to be an agent of change. Mental illness does not discriminate. Chances are there are people in your life already suffering. In a first-ever study conducted by the CDC and Prevention researchers found in children aged 3 to 17 with mental illnesses the cost was $247 billion per year in medical bills, special education and juvenile justice. With help the YMH Project can begin the movement toward change.

Here is how you can help.


With so many mental health specialists and caregivers, which is right for you? See our list.

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Helpful Language

Suggested words and phrases to help teens be more open and receptive to your message.

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Helpful Links

Find links to other resources and websites with a focus on Youth Mental Health.

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Print the Facts

Spread the word about the importance of youth mental health and take the facts with you.

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Types of Therapy

Mental health issues are highly personal. Here is a broad list of who does what type of therapy.

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Make A Donation

Help us spread the word and bring the Youth Mental Health Project to other cities and towns.

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