There is no health without mental health.

With positive stories of hope and strength our impact can enable communities to expand their understanding, lend help to those in need and to support without judgement or cause those around us.

People with mental health issues can lead productive, fulfilling, normal lives with proper treatment and support.

How much do you know about Youth Mental Health?

Be in the Know.

You do not have to have a child with mental health concerns to be an agent of change. Chances are there are people in your life already suffering. According to the CDC, mental health problems cost the country $247 billion annually in medical bills, special education and juvenile justice. Struggling families need our help. Together, we can make a difference!

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With so many mental health specialists and caregivers, which is right for you?
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What is Mental Health?

Spread the word about the importance of youth mental health and print a helpful explanation.
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Types of Therapy

Mental health issues are highly personal. Here is a broad list of who does what type of therapy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Download our Guide Understanding Youth Mental Health – Questions Parents Frequently Ask and get the answers to your concerns, therapy models, and questions that develop as you explore getting your child help.
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Mental Health 101

Download our Guide Feelings & Emotions: Mental Health 101 – Talking with Kids and find out the difference between worry and anxiety, sadness and depression.
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Download our educational series of fact sheets on Addiction, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health Learning Disabilities, OCD and more. Share or use for an event.
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Annual Report – 2017


We Believe.

  • Mental illness is universal and can happen to any child, adolescent or young adult.
  • Early intervention and prevention is essential to improved outcomes.
  • Educating community stakeholders will reduce stigma and make it more likely that young people will get help.
  • People with diagnosed mental health conditions can live productive and meaningful lives.
  • Kindness, compassion and understanding are essential to recovery.