Letter from our Executive Director

by WENDY WARD, Executive Director

As I unpack this past years’ political events I am reminded our work is for the people not the government.  Uncertainty and fear have the potential to hinder our daily lives in both big and small ways. It is also precisely these feelings that can ignite a movement.  Today I am reminded of our mission and vision for the work we have ahead of us. Mental health initiatives may have just gotten more complicated but they also became ABUNDANTLY more necessary!  The Youth Mental Health Project and its partners are ever more ready to give voice to the silenced and marginalized. I believe this moment in time gives power to our work and does anything but diminish it. Let us all be reminded that combating uncertainty is done one kind act at a time and we have the ability to instill this in our kids every day by creating conversations with laser focused ideas and the deepest of passion.

Wendy Ward

Founder & Executive Director

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