Creating Lasting Change.

The Youth Mental Health Project is a grassroots organization whose primary purpose is to educate and support parents and key stakeholders so they can nurture the mental health and well-being of children, and effectively recognize warning signs, advocate on their behalf, and mitigate the impact of mental illness on their children’s ability to thrive.


We believe that mental health lies on a continuum and includes our emotional, psychological and social well being. Important at every stage of life, mental health affects the way a person thinks, feels, relates to others, and behaves. Just like physical health, mental health can and does shift, change, or evolve throughout a person’s life. Our educational materials will enlighten and create a better understanding of youth mental health.

In partnering with the nationally recognized Silver Hill Hospital to develop an innovative way to understand the concept of mental health, we have developed common language tools to make approaching mental health as easily as physical health. Backed by personal experience, the latest scientific research, The Mental Health Continuum Poster and booklet gives a refreshing look at the experience of mental health between birth and the age of 24.

Knowledge is power! In partnership with Child Guidance Mid-Fairfield County, we researched the answers to questions commonly asked by concerned caregivers and developed a comprehensive booklet called Understanding Youth Mental Health – Questions Parents Frequently Ask. This guide seeks to inform and reduce the shame, blame and misunderstanding that can so often accompany mental health concerns.

Download our Guide: Understanding Youth Mental Health – Questions Parents Frequently Ask and get the answers to important and common questions.


Using compelling storytelling and real-life experiences backed by the latest in science and research, our speakers bring the complicated and sometimes scary subject of youth mental health to life in a way that is both heart-wrenching and reassuring.

Our presentations are practical, educational and respectful of traditional approaches, and yet serve to spark a positive dialogue around the issue of children’s mental health. Contact us for more information and to bring one of our speakers to your organization, event or conference.

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Film Screenings.

A beautiful and poignant film, NO LETTING GO has the power to entertain, to engage and to educate diverse audiences about the vitally important issue of mental health in children, adolescents and young adults. This award winning film is ideal for parents, educators, pediatricians, nurses, social workers, advocates, family members, and mental health professionals who want to have a better understanding of youth mental health and the challenges families face as they seek help for their child.

NO LETTING GO, winner of 18 International Awards and nominated for the 2016 VOICE Awards – SAMHSA. It is a must-see film for anyone who cares about the healthy development of youth. To increase the impact of your screening, bring a facilitator trained by The Youth Mental Health Project to speak and facilitate a Q&A after the viewing of the film.

Film Screenings

Parent Support Networks.

The Youth Mental Health Project has developed a revolutionary and replicable model for parent-driven, family-focused networks to support and improve the mental health of our youth.

Parent Support Networks will provide parents who are concerned about their child’s mental health and well-being with the opportunity to give and receive valuable peer connection and knowledge through facilitated dialogues that ultimately create transformation within local communities.

As part of its valuable in-person group meetings, The Youth Mental Health Project Parent Support Network provides educational content driven to arm members with social and emotional tools that can be transferred to children, schools, and other stakeholders in the community. Using research-backed language and knowledge, parents will be able to share information with their entire community about the importance of caring for children’s mental health, respectfully combating shame and silence.

As a community that identifies that we all have mental health just like physical health, opportunities for early intervention and prevention will become a viable next step.

Why are we different?

Each group will be run by a trained peer Facilitator who will guide dialogue easing parents through the complex transition from being an outsider, filled with misunderstanding and fear, to being an insider, able to feel hope and teach others. Together, the group will transform from barely hanging on to contributors within their communities, to ultimately feeling empowered and emboldened to help others.