Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

May 5th to May 11th! We are excited to join our national partner, National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, in celebrating Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.  In addition to participating in upcoming events, The Youth Mental Health Project is celebrating Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week by focusing on PARENTS and CAREGIVERS to let …

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Letter From a Mom – Part Three

Foreword by Randi Silverman The pain you feel as a parent when your child is deeply struggling, in a hospital, confronting a life threatening condition, is indescribable. The silence around mental health problems only serves to compound that pain with isolation and loneliness. In the depths of despair, there are simply times when we can …

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Parents Pay it Forward

Foreword by Randi Silverman: I am thrilled to share this guest blog from Jay Boll, the father of a child with serious mental health challenges. Jay poignantly describes how difficult it is for so many of us to find resources and how isolating the process can be:  “I did not know what to do or …

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Letter From a Mom – Part Two

Foreword by Randi Silverman: It’s easy to forget that our children who struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges are actually incredibly strong. It’s confusing, because they often seem so fragile – like the slightest problem will simply break them. Sometimes we have to stop ourselves and try to imagine how difficult it …

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Finding Support when your child is struggling

In a world where parents and caregivers help each other navigate the wide-range of challenges associated with raising our children, why do we feel so alone and overwhelmed when our children struggle with their mental health? The vicious cycle of blame, shame, misunderstanding, and silence around the issues related to youth mental health leaves families …

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Letter From a Mom:

Katherine’s Story – Part One Foreword by Randi Silverman: I recently had the privilege of speaking to an audience of over 100 people for a community conversation about youth mental health. As I shared my story once again, I had to remind myself that if I could reach even one person, it would all have …

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Change, Resilience, and The Youth Mental Health Project

A Letter from our Founder, Randi Silverman Resilience: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.* When my son was very young, well before I knew that he would be diagnosed with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, it seemed as though the slightest disappointment or change would rock him to his …

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Tis the Season to be Stressed

Tis the holiday season to be stressed

‘Tis the Season to be Stressed: 5 Tips for Happier Holidays with the Family   There is no better time than the beginning of the holiday season to take stock of the mental health and emotional wellbeing of your entire family. Entertaining friends and family, eating great meals, attending holiday celebrations and parties, and finding …

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Randi Silverman Discusses Youth Mental Health

Randi Silverman talks about the Youth Mental Health Project and the importance of youth mental health on Park City TV

Our Co-Founder and President Randi Silverman talks about the Youth Mental Health Project and the importance of learning more about youth mental health, on Park City Television. She explains the stigma and hardship surrounding mental health issues in this interview right before she is headed to a community event and workshop in Park City, Utah. …

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Randi Silverman’s Straight Talk with Tracey

Straight Talk Tracey

Our Founder and Executive Director, Randi Silverman was interviewed by Tracey on her monthly Straight Talk with Tracey. In the interview Randi talks about the Youth Mental Health project and how we work to educate and support parents and key stakeholders so they can nurture the mental health and well-being of children. They talk about …

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