The Youth Mental Health Project is also looking to form partnerships with national and international organizations that are mission aligned and have an interest in the mental health of youth. Strong alliances will help promote change. The Project will work closely with such organizations to develop cobranded materials that will promote the mutual goals of each strategic partner.
The Youth Mental Health Project can act as a referral source to partner organizations that provide resources and expertise in the area of youth mental health. In return, strategic partners can support the creation and/or distribution of fact sheets, discussion guides, curricula and other tools to educate and to inform the audience about youth mental health. Here are ways to collaborate with the YMH Project.

  • Education/Mental Health Literacy

    One does not have to have a child suffering from emotional challenges to be interested in mental health literacy. Social emotional learning is universal to all children and every adult in contact with children manages, teaches and models behavior daily. There are many resources to help our towns, schools and parents. The Youth Mental Health Project (YMHP) is a place where you can find out how your community can adopt programs large and small.

  • Research

    Cutting Edge research is everywhere but for that reason it is hard to find. The YMH Project is working together with researchers to keep ahead of the curve. We aim to move beyond solutions and toward preventions.

  • Networks and Comprehensive Initiatives

    • JED University screenings and conversations nationally
    • Kimochis Social Emotional Learning Kits (in production)

  • Info and General Resources

    For those who are seeking answers, The Youth Mental Health Project (YMHP) has positive resources they can filter and guide you to. The YMHP understands that all relationships between providers and families have unique qualities. We aim to help find your best match by providing positive and thoughtful information about providers and services found by our parent members. Since the inception of The Youth Mental Health Project we have been striving to help families and friends speak openly about mental health struggles and therefore it is important that we hold firm to grandma’s rule: If you don’t have anything nice to say please don’t say it.
    Parent Empowerment Network

  • Our Chapters - Local Resources

    Combining local resources we aim to help communities work together long after our stories have been told. Stakeholders, parents and community members at large can all work toward a common and greater good. By coming together we advance understanding in immeasurable ways.
    Start a Chapter