About the Mental Health of Young Athletes!

About the Mental Health of Young Athletes!

Date(s) - Wednesday, June 29, 2022
1:00 pm EDT


In youth sports, success is usually measured in wins, without regard for the emotional cost of that success. For student athletes juggling pressure to compete, while maintaining classwork and keeping grades up, those emotional costs can be big and the stigma around discussing  them can be enormous. We need to start opening up about what our athletes are coping with – and how we can help them avoid struggling alone and in silence.

On June 29, The Youth Mental Health Project will partner with Morgan’s Message, a Virginia-based mental health non-profit focused on student-athletes and their unique mental health challenge, for a very important discussion about how to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health within the student-athlete community, ways we can better support our student athletes as they cope with intense pressure, and how we can move toward equalizing the treatment of physical and mental health in athletics so no athlete ever struggles alone again. 

The Youth Mental Health Project’s founder, Randi Silverman will moderate this panel conversation and Q & A, which will include Dona Rodgers, mother of Morgan, and Co-Founder, Board Chairwoman, and President of Morgan’s Message along with two incredible student ambassadors, Clare Kehoe and Greer Gill.

We will discuss how sports both helps and harms our children’s mental health, what keeps student athletes from speaking up about their mental health challenges, and how parents and coaches can help sports foster health, growth, and enjoyment for their kids, rather than stress. 

Questions we will discuss include the following. 

  • How can we shape the way our children view competition and define success for themselves? 
  • How can we help them understand that, while depression and anxiety don’t show up on an x-ray, these conditions are as essential to discuss and treat as a sprain or a muscle pull? 
  • How can we close the gap between physical health care and mental health care for student athletes? 

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