Communication Across the Generations: Bridging the Great Divide

Date(s) - Saturday, January 1, 2022 - Monday, February 28, 2022
7:00 pm EST


Are you worried about your child’s mental health, but unable to get him or her to open up? 

Please join The Youth Mental Health Project and The JCK Foundation for: Communication Across the Generations: Bridging the Great Divide.

This very special evening will feature live discussion between adolescents, their adults, and a therapist. The one-hour event will address topics like:

·       Why kids talk to their friends about their problems, but not their parents

·       How to show concern for your child without being overbearing

·       How to speak to your child when s/he is in crisis

·       How to keep your kids from isolating themselves when they are in trouble

·       How to know when to be tough, and when to lead with compassion

Viewers will be able to submit questions both in advance and following the panel-style conversation. works with communities and schools to improve mental wellness and resilience amongst our youth. educates, empowers, and supports families and communities to better understand and care for the mental health of our youth.

This event is FREE but registration will be required.

Date: TBD (Early 2022)