Feelings Pillows

A Conversation Toolkit

Feeling connected and understood is essential to feeling hopeful, comforted, and supported during challenging times. The first step is to acknowledge and identify our thoughts and feelings, which can be complicated and can present hurdles for many of us. We all have a wide range of feelings, but sometimes it is difficult to name them, let alone share them.

We use Kimochis to develop a unique Conversation Toolkit to help, quite literally, sort through and share feelings during in-person, parent support meetings of The Parent Support Network.

What are Kimochis?
KEY.MO.CHEE means “feeling” in Japanese.
Kimochis look like toys, but they are actually communication tools.

It’s amazing how these little feelings pillows can get a conversation started!

Feelings pillows take the intangible notion out of feelings, making them something we can touch, feel, stomp on, and conquer or covet. They help adults and kids better deal with difficult feelings and challenging behaviors.

Feelings are invisible, but can control us. These small pillows bring our feelings to the forefront of our stories, enabling us to work through our feelings by allowing us the opportunity to acknowledge them, hold them, or discard them.
No emotion is wrong. Learning that feelings fuel our behavior will often give parents insight and a greater sense of empathy into their own children’s behaviors.

Kimochis are used by professionals and regular people who want to help others become more resilient, feel more connected and be more productive or get through difficult circumstances.