Heather Harter

Barbara Weinstein

Director of Development

Heather brings over 20 years’ experience in fund development, marketing, and communications to The Youth Mental Health Project. She has held roles in local chapters of national nonprofit organizations, government agencies and educational programming. She has a BA in  Liberal Studies/Communications from Thomas Edison State University; an MS in Marketing and Communications from Franklin University and is currently a graduate student in Lehigh University’s School of Public Policy.

She comes to The Youth Mental Health Project as a mom of 4 young adult children (living in 4 different states!), two of which have dealt with anxiety issues throughout their teens and 20s.

Heather sits on the board of the Parent and Family Association of the University of Akron, where her youngest daughter is currently attending as a student-athlete.

She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband. She enjoys traveling, gardening and cooking as well as collecting Depression-era glassware.