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Special Offer for Members of the Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards

The Youth Mental Health Project envisions a nation where all youth, and the caring adults in their lives, are just as aware of their mental well-being as they are of physical well-being; a nation made up of caring communities that look beyond physical features to support the mental fitness and growth of our children in every way.

We use personal storytelling through film, community conversations, workshops and educational tools to change hearts, minds and perceptions about youth mental health. We provide parents, practitioners, teachers, clergy and students with practical knowledge and education to increase mental health literacy and reduce misunderstanding, shame, blame and silence.

Screening Details

The discounted rates for a Public Performance/Educational License for Members of MACMHB are as follows:

$275 for a single screening.

$375 for unlimited screenings during a 12 month period.

$475 for unlimited screenings during a 36 month period.

Any Public Performance/Educational License will include a DVD and a digital file of artwork and marketing materials to help in the promotion of your event.

For additional information on tools and speakers to enhance your event please contact us.

Email YMHP

We ask our Licensees for the following:

  • All marketing and promotional materials must include The Youth Mental Health Project logo and website;
  • Information about your event, including date, time and location, should be sent to The Youth Mental Health Project as soon as possible so that we can promote your event on our website;
  • Copies of all marketing and promotional materials must be sent to us prior to your event for our files;
  • A response from your organization to a follow up survey that we will send post-screening, which will provide us with information about your screening(s), such as date(s), place(s), and audience size and composition. The survey is a vital component of tracking our collective impact and we appreciate your timely response.

Watch the trailer

Additional tools for a compelling event:

  • Bring a YMHP Speaker to your event

    Audiences have found it particularly meaningful to have Randi Silverman, award-winning screenwriter of No Letting Go and the real mother behind the story, lead and facilitate a follow-up discussion/Q&A about the importance of youth mental health in communities. Information about Randi can be found here.

  • Audience conversation toolkit

    The Youth Mental Health Project has created a 20 page Discussion Guide for general audiences that helps to guide and support a conversation about mental health. If you are ordering the public performance license for No Letting Go, we suggest that you consider the discussion guide as well. Discussion Guide Preview.

  • Understanding and supporting youth mental health booklet

    The Youth Mental Health Project has developed this booklet to provide general guidance for a better understanding of youth mental health development. Preview the Booklet.

  • Mental health continuum poster

    Like most other organizations, the Youth Mental Health Project believes that mental health lies on a continuum and is guided by a range of behaviors, in that mental illness is a medical condition that disrupts a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others and daily functioning. But what does that look like? Preview our Poster.

Creating Lasting Change.

YMHP is a grassroots organization whose primary purpose is to educate and support parents and key stakeholders so they can nurture the mental health and well-being of children, and effectively recognize warning signs, advocate on their behalf, and mitigate the impact of mental illness on their children’s ability to thrive.

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Download our Guide: Understanding Youth Mental Health – Questions Parents Frequently Ask and get the answers to important and common questions.