Max Silverman

Jenny Murphy

Board Member

  • Max graduated from Bates College in 2016 with a B.A. in sociology and education, teaching high school English in Maine before embarking on a Fulbright grant to live and teach in rural Nepal. In 2018, he returned to NY to address local inequities at Yonkers Partners in Education (YPIE), a local education nonprofit dedicated to holistically supporting low-income students. He worked as an educator and leader at YPIE for three years -- two as YPIE's Director of College Readiness. In that role, he led a team of eight full-time educators responsible for ensuring that nearly 700 high school students in Yonkers were ready for college, in the fullest sense. He oversaw an extensive mentoring program, the development and implementation of 10 career pathways, intensive academic supports & interventions, and a bustling afterschool learning center serving nearly 150 students each day (pre-pandemic!) He also led the team's response to the pandemic and transition to online learning, implementing a system of tailored and comprehensive individual learning plans for each student to drive their program engagement, virtually and in-person.
  • Max enjoys music, travel, and rock climbing in his free time and is currently working toward a Master's degree in Education Leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Devastated by the structural inequities he has found in the education systems of each Maine, Nepal, and Yonkers, Max believes strongly in the power of compassionate, holistic education to help students succeed. Max was impacted both by his own experience with depression and his upbringing in a family that, like so many in the United States, often felt forced to navigate our mental health challenges alone. As an educator, he has witnessed too many students struggling to support their own mental health while juggling other major challenges in their lives -- with this in mind, Max serves on the Board of the Youth Mental Health Project to ensure that every young person in the United States has access to the support systems and healthy communities they need to thrive.