Nyla Rock-Vanloo

Barbara Weinstein

LMSW, Martha K. Selig Educational Institute, Jewish Board

Nyla Rock-Vanloo, LMSW is licensed social worker, trauma-informed clinical practitioner and Organizational Development Specialist with the Martha K. Selig Educational Institute at the Jewish Board. Her career spans over ten years in direct human services practice working with communities surviving multiple adversities. Additionally, she has served as a researcher focusing on the relationship between complex trauma and systems of oppression at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College of CUNY. Her particular interests and expertise are in both anti-racist/anti-oppressive work and family dynamics. In her primary role in Organizational Development, she provides internal and contracted training to community based organizations on anti-oppressive organizational dynamics and trauma-informed, recovery oriented behavioral healthcare. She also continues to work in direct practice as a psychotherapist and provides training to CBOs, and contributes to research literature supporting anti-oppressive practices in social service organizations.