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No Letting Go is a master class…Its message of not letting go, never giving up, is one we all need to hear and see.Dr. Lloyd Sederer, Medical Editor for Mental Health, Huffington Post

A beautiful and poignant film, NO LETTING GO has the power to entertain, to engage and to educate diverse audiences about the vitally important issue of mental health in children, adolescents and young adults. A screening of NO LETTING GO is an opportunity to inspire conversations and discover new ways of bringing communities together around this often misunderstood and silenced issue.

An award-winning film, NO LETTING GO is ideal for parents, educators, pediatricians, nurses, social workers, advocates, mental health professionals, and family members who want to have a better understanding of youth mental health and the challenges families face as they seek help for their child.


Private Viewing.

See below for options to view the film privately.

Please Note: A public performance/educational screening license is required to screen NO LETTING GO in any setting available to the public or for an audience of more than 25 people. For more information or to purchase of a public performance/educational screening license of the film, please email us:

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