The Parent Support Network™

1 “PARENTS” are defined as any adult caregiver, including but not limited to parents, guardians, grandparents, foster or step-parents of a child under the age of 25 who has or is struggling with his or her mental health.


Meetings are confidential, free and open to any parent or guardian who is concerned about their kids (ages 1 – 25) who struggle with anxiety, depression, mood dysregulation, or other emotional, behavioral or mental health problems.

Supporting our kids means supporting their parents1 and caregivers! Parenting can be challenging under the best of circumstances. But when a child, teenager, or young adult struggles with emotional, mental or behavioral health problems, parenting can be overwhelming and isolating.

The Parent Support Network provides parents and caregivers who are concerned about their children’s mental health with an opportunity to find and support each other in a confidential and safe space.

Regional chapters of The Parent Support Network, listed below, hold confidential and free parent support meetings which are run by volunteer, trained Facilitators. ALL Facilitators are parents with experience raising a child who has struggled with his or her mental health. In addition, National virtual meetings are available every week for parents residing anywhere in the United States.

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The Parent Support Network™ Chapters

Beaverton, OR

The Parent Support Network™ of Beaverton

Yorktown, NY

The Parent Support Network™ of Yorktown

Western Suffolk, NY

The Parent Support Network™ of Western Suffolk

Central New Jersey

The Parent Support Network™ of Hightstown
The Parent Support Network™ of Hamilton

Brookfield, CT

The Parent Support Network™ of Brookfield

Darien, CT

The Parent Support Network™ of Darien

Westchester, NY

The Parent Support Network™ of Westchester

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan

The Parent Support Network™ of The Upper Peninsula of Michigan

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We have teamed up with Laurel House, Inc. and the website to promote awareness and understanding about the mental health of children, adolescents and young adults. We are here to help families connect with resources for help. For more information on the collaboration.

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