College Readiness and Resources Sheets.

A new study revealed that 3 out of 4 students said they’d experienced at least one stressful life event in the last year.*

The Youth Mental Health Project™ envisions a world where people are just as aware of their mental well-being as they are of physical well-being so we have created this pledge and helpful, printable take aways.

*Cindy Liu, Ph.D., Sept. 6, 2018, Depression and Anxiety.

college wellness


We all have mental health. How does that affect wellness?
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college loneliness


What is loneliness and how can a student cope?
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college stress


What is stress and how can a student deal?
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college help


Ideas on how to deal with mental health problems.
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Hosting a mental health event?

We ALL have mental health, the same way we have physical health! Yet conversations about mental health can be awkward, uncomfortable and hard to deal with. Mental health lies on a continuum and continually shifts, changes and evolves through life so let’s make talking about mental health easy.

Let us help you help your community.

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